Starbucks 2013 Planners OUT!

it's that time of the year again where people flock over to Starbucks to lust over these planners and shell bucks upon bucks of hard earned money for... for what, exactly? 

source: google images
look. look at these gooooorgeous planners, so sleek and elegant and so damn worth your every chug of coffee. YEAH RIGHT. 

source: my friend's photo of his first sticker 
same old, same old. your ticket to coolness, with a complimentary free step up the social ladder. starbucks holiday featured beverages, 9 stickers. starbucks core beverage of your choice, 8 stickers. for a total of the usual 17 precious stickers you'd shell a fraction of your payslip for! hooray!

source: starbucks ph facebook
and of course their christmas beverages, peppermint mocha, toffee nut latte and dark cherry mocha. same old.

what can i say? who's joining in the hype? will you? will I? well, despite all the sarcasm, I MOST PROBABLY WILL succumb, yet again, to this mysterious force calling me to be part of the bandwagon of people wanting to fit in the fad, be one with the crowd, and yeah... upgrade my social ranking. LOL whut.

well personally, i am a fan of starbucks. not of their coffee, but of the brand itself. i don't frequent the shop but i do have a favorite: hot cafe mocha, one of the cheapest drinks you'd earn a sticker for hehe. plus, my mother likes it that i occasionally take home a bag of coffee grounds (which are FREE btw); if they're still good she uses them as a body scrub, otherwise they go straight to the flower pots hehe. anyhow. i love starbucks, the coffee, the products, the store, the people, the brand! and for the comfort and that sosyal aura it gives, who cares about the price. hahaha

i'm not even a planner person but i'll try to get the black one. the first time i successfully earned a planner was last year and i just sold it because yeah, as i mentioned i'm not a planner person, and i didn't like how the pages were laid out. i mean, every planner person would consider how the dates and pages are arranged. and with starbucks previous roll outs, i've proven that their planners are more on the form than function.

and well you know it all boils down to being a luho. everything about starbucks is hardly a necessity, yet for the awesome feeling it gives... money is just money, baby.

PS: i'm quite broke but i'm still game for this. see? see that? that's branding and marketing, folks. at its best. 

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