on full blast with @BeroccaPH

won these items over at a twitter raffle by @BeroccaPH! 
got them yesterday at mediacom office (their media advertiser) at da fort. haha adventure! 

thanks to this, i actually considered taking multivitamins instead of just vitamin c everyday. i took one effervescent tablet this morning and what can i say, i didn't have to take coffee the entire day! and was it just me, or my mind was literally on full blast? i mean, i was actively coding the entire afternoon, even after lunch when i usually feel sleepy hehe

oh well, i wouldn't jump into conclusions with the effects of berocca yet, after all it's the first time i tried it since about a decade ago i guess, and maybe the apparent mental activity could only be brought by the stress i'm feeling right now. i'm meeting a deadline haha.

so far so good. i'd say it's best to take in the morning. for the most part, i was up the entire day.
but right now i feel really sleepy. hahaha
i should go home like now naaaaa. whew. >XD

oryt! gotta go!
thanks again berocca! >:D

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