i need to lose weight!

before the holiday ended, terai and i renewed our membership at fitness first. and going through their complimentary body mass analyzer, i get to realize how much i have to lose weight like crazy. lol

look at this
BMI - 23.3 (Overweight)
BMR - 5367 KJ
Fat % - 32.7% (Desirable range: 17-24%)
Fat Mass - 42.4 lbs (Desirable range: 17.8-27.6 lbs)

Target weight - 109.0 lbs
Fat to lose - 20.6 lbs

i may be exaggerating cos i don't always look fat but that's probably because of my color. i'm fat like a crazy insecure teenage girl suffering from peer pressure. first world problem, yeah.

whew. tomorrow has to be good day! Thank you Lord! >XD

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