Day 8 - A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life

that would be when i started getting high grades in college, which started 2009! >:) which made me realize i have to work super duper extra hard this year because i have 8 freaking subjects that are most likely to rob me of a latin honor, those are credited units from UPLB and they're so dang low. >:| if i had the choice, i would love to repeat them all. >:|

ay oo, another of the most satisfying moments in my life, is earning my harry potter fanfiction 200+ reviews, and a french translation hehe. i know i've mentioned this a lot of times but haha lemme say the same thing again. it's heartwarming for an author to continue getting reviews 3 years after the final update. even if it's just 1 or 2 reviews a month, the fact that it's still getting comments means it's well appreciated! the french version is also doing great. >XD haha

whew dilemma. i have to take 24 units this coming tri. andame non ampotek! >XD i still have to work yknow! ilang oras na lang matitira sakin non so SA?! no waaayyy no friggin way. >_<;  kelangan ko ng pera! dahil dyan, kailangan mag-sacrifice ng isang subject. hay. haaaayyyyy. >X|

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