feline tongue

the may 21, 2011 doomsday prediction is pretty nakaka-praning. HAHAHA nsdjgkhfvask

btw, cute thing before i went home. i found a stray cat inside 304, and meowed it out. it meowed back and ran out. haha after turning off the pcs, i found it standing near the stairs so i meowed at it. and it meowed back then we were meowing alternately as if we're actually getting each other and talkin like there's nothing better to do before the world ends. then i passed by the orange cat and headed down. surprisingly, it followed me! so i was like, "meowwww" and it meowed back and continued to stroll behind. i was walking to to sir kim's office and the cat followed me until the mabato part where it stopped. blah blah after sayin a few to sir, i went out of his office and found the cat outside the door. mamatay matay ako sa ka-cute-aaaannn! so i was like, "meow meow meow" and i walked out... the cat still followed me. zsbkjanhlfasvbgdschlnakj ang kyoooot. kaso it started to rain so the cat stayed at the lobby na lang. hehe sjbgfhjasfnhj sfn ang cute talaga arjghsdffasdf

btw btw! kinikilig ako hihihi >XD

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