Day 4 - Your views on religion

my mind is in shambles.

please read the articles below...they're highly interesting.

Article #1 - the irony of Proverbs 3:5. juice in the comments >;)
Article #2 - a study which says that us tryin to discern what God is saying, is just a form of introspection. in other words, what we think God thinks is what we really think.

on to my views. i'm trying to live a Christian life. i pray, i tithe, i go to church and blah but sometimes my faith trembles... like when i read articles such as the abovementioned. i don't even know if i have one to begin with, or if i'm just bound my compliance because i was brought up this way and consequences are grave if dare swim upstream. there's karma when you're still alive, and hell otherwise. >:| i think my faith is fear driven. >:| i think i'm living a lie.

do we just leave everything to faith?

on another note, there are more stupid Christians than stupid atheists. if there's one thing i find respectable with atheists, it's their knowledge of the scripture. if there's anyone you should ask about the contents of the Bible, it's them, just don't ask them for their opinion yet cos it may set you in confusion. hehe

ugh, if i was only Bo Sanchez' godchild! >:|

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