Day 12 - Bullet your whole day

  • woke up at 7, ate breakfast, took a bath, went to school.
  • it's the first day of enrollment. i had to be early so i could help set up the computer labs! i came 5 minutes early! oha! >:D
  • LOL i dunno how to face her seriously but i thought i just had to ask her if she's angry. i did and it was cool. i could feel her assumptions were wrong but it's better that having to lie again yknow. i'm such a bad liar. i almost can't. not with friends yknow. 
  • anyway. it was a bit awkward. but we carried on.
  • as usual. there was a horde or students lined up at the enlistment rooms that we had to do some crazy crowd control. as usual.
  • enlistment was faster this time. no dead locks. 3 computer labs were utilized so there's approximately 120 computers being used simultaneously for enlisting. yey. 
  • it was good that they put the 3 heads and the TRF printer in the same floor just beside the enlistment room. it was easier for the students to inquire about stuff.
  • it rained hard this afternoon so i called daddy to fetch me
  • then we fetched mom at the hosp. she's getting rehabed for her hurting joints or something. >:|
  • sweldo yeyyyy! >XD

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