Day 10 - Discuss your first love

First love never dies!!!! jusme. napaka-echos netong entry na to. mamaya iiyak nanaman ako. >:|
i've already mentioned him hundreds and hundreds of times in this blog already.

my first love was a tragedy LOL. yun lang. bow. ayoko umiyak e.

the moment i realized i loved him, he's already in love with someone else. sayang nomon. if i realized it sooner, i could've played with his advances and became his girlfriend but no. i can't 'play' hahaha. more so, the pre-courting or pano ba yun, pre-confessing timeframe is too awkward. too friggin awkward. or maybe i was too busy not to realize he was already crossing the line. i never realize stuff like that. not with super close friends yknow, which he was. it's always fun fun fun fun and no hidden desires in between. i don't think i'm dense either but i always have to be reminded, or given a low blow for me turn my 'sensitivity' radar on. after which it can't be turned off HAHAHA problematic sya in fairness.

and i thought i could give you a decent post about it but i guess i'm wrong.

hay love. but yknow seriously. i hope one day i'll be able to make it up to him. to patch things up. because honestly, i couldn't imagine myself with anyone else. he's like the most comfortable guy to be with (next to my daddy shempre haha). he was my favorite guy. this is how it sucks falling in love with your best friend, and letting your pride win. or more fittingly, this is how it sucks realizing you're in love too late.

pero shempre joke lang yan. move on. let go. past is past. on with the future. better yet, on with who's here.

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