Coffee Twist

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jusme. last monday, i got two bottles of hazlenut (yellow) for lunch. i like it cos it's cheap and it's like molten XO! bwahaha ang saraaaaapppp >XD the next day i got a bottle of classic (red) and a bottle of hazlenut for lunch, and i liked the classic flavor better cos it's like iced nescafe classic! ang saraaaappp leche and it's mejo bitter pa so it's perfect for me. then yknow, a couple of hours later my ever so nervous nervous system got extra nervous and my heart started pounding like crazy. i was getting sick of nervousness literally. cold hands, cold sweat, a brewing heartburn. leche talaga i've never been that nervous my entire life. then i also took 2 cups of tea. i dunno if it would help (parang hindi!) but it was warm hahaha. haynako. antagal. antagal talaga humupa ng kaba ko. when i came home at 9, tinulog ko na agad.

pero until now i'm still nervous e, pero onti na lang. sdkfgaskfjgabfjksdskyt hay Lord. >:|

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