Day 16 - Your views on mainstream music

when i think of mainstream (as of 2011 2nd quarter) i think of lady gaga, katy perry, justin beiber and all those popular contemporary artists. i'm familiar with them but i don't really dig them. >:) the only time i enjoyed mainstream music was when it was jason mraz and linkin park on the spotlight. >:D

anyway, i think mainstream is just the same all throughout. i mean, The Beatles were mainstream during their time and now they're a classic. so you see, mainstream is just pertaining to the current popular music... and it changes. though i could hardly imagine lady gaga being a 'classic' after 50 years... yknow, by virtue of the conventional definition of 'classic' haha. >:)

with regards to music though, i enjoy jason mraz, a fine frenzy, yiruma, sungha jung, andy mckee, and instrumentals...and i grow easily fond of OST's (mapa anime, movie or series pa yan) hehe

this day was tiring. i was at school the entire day. awgahjvasdyudgihsidu hmmmmmm and we finally made up like crazzzzyyyyyy. or more like, i finally freed myself from all the guilt. JOKE. i even bought her chocolates, and i picked the one she mentioned before cos i know it's her favorite. peace offering ganun. well it can't be helped na naiinis parin ako paminsan minsan but at least, i'm trying to, hmm pano ba, look on the brighter side? mahirap kasi. i'm tying yknow. i'm tryinggggg. at kinikilig parin ako kay fuego. hay. haaaaayyyy jusme. nagpapantasya na nga ako eh! iniimagine ko na mag-eenrol sya sa fern at marerecognize ko sya as fuego at i-eentertain ko sya (well that sounded wrong haha) sa enrollment at magiging girlfriend nya ko at isasama nya ko sa isa nyang battle makikilala ko si anygma!!!! at makikita ko si abra!!! at si apekz!!! pero sya parin boyprend ko ang kapal lang talaga ng muka ko minsan no. oh well. wala pa kong tinitira nagi-ilusyon na ko. this is how i idealize men and get crushed when i finally get to know them for real, haha. iniisip ko kasi na may sense syang kausap at madami syang alam at magaling sya mag-english at matalino syang ka-diskusyon at corny sya. well muka naman syang corny e, ok lang tatawanan ko naman sya mahilig naman ako tumawa kahit di ko gets e. ayoko na nga kalokohan na to e!!!! >XS haaay Lord, lakas tama e! love knows no bounds na talaga. chossss!

uhm, i have one crazy professor. seriously, she's crazy. ewan ko ba, it's gonna be a harder trimester for me. simply because i have a lot of minor subjects and it's hard, as a senior stud, to give a good impression on these profs who don't know me. leche mahirap kaya magpa-impress amidst all the first years! first struggle is to get out of the stereotype that graduating dudes are delinquents. and yknow, the profs don't know our curriculum at all. they see seniors in a freshman class and they think these guys are second takers. le shiz. and our crazy prof is every bit annoying. she's not funny, though she's trying to be. and she's like, "why did you transfer? maraming kang singko ganon?" and i was like, "yeah" in all smiles pa ha, and her face just distorted like crazy. ang sarap isampal ng scholarship ko sa kanya e. sorry. sorry talaga.

anyway, it's just the first day. i'll have the entire tri to prove myself. i like her subject pa naman. pero narealize ko, wait lang haaa! parang na-take ko na tong subject na to eh! it's totally SOSC1 in elbi! bakit hindi ko narealize yon!! aaaaarggghhhhh. sayang pera! sayang units!!! >_<;

challenge accepted.
we'll see, we'll see.

good night fuego!

omgeeeh sorry hahaha

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