Day 13 - Somewhere you'd like to move or visit

i wanna visit LB! yun.

sakit ng ulo ko. asdjhatsdgasbhlasn

parang gusto ko nung Huawei IDEOS na yun! cheapest android i spotted so far. and and, the Huawei E5! pocket wifi router! Lord!!!! >XD owell, said ako ngayon. i'm helping out on daddy's hospital treatment expenses. >:| and i've got 2 bills plus one obligatory bill to pay so yes, gotta satiate myself with online window shopping for a while! i'll get my cyberzone fix when school starts. or yknow, whenever i get enough money. haaaay. i'm so very super much thankful cos even with our messed up finances, everything's going well. i just saved 18,000 worth of tuition because of my scholarship. amennnnnn!

hahaha! ewan ko ba why i always think we're out of cash, e hindi naman! siguro kasi sapat sapat lahat dala ko araw araw? ewan basta. mahirap talaga ang buhay ngayon.

loaded trimester ahead! i had to rearrange my schedule for the nth time just to maximize my working hours. they've omitted working lunches and it sucked a lot for me. from 18 hours, i was down to 12 hours, so i did a few changes with my schedule and now i have 16 hours. yeheeyyy! anyway, that's the best i could work on. sobrang haggard na nga nung 24 units with 16 hours SA eh, but we'll see. balak ko kasing patayin sarili ko e. hihi >:)

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