don't get ahead of me, pwede? that was not even a hint. argh.

so far i had 3 subjects already. LOL you hate me now?
good, cos i hated you first.

now i understand, why the antagonists always want the protagonist to hate her. aside from getting annoyed that she's being rebutted with goodness every time she throws evilness, there's this guilt inside all antagonists that can only be appeased when her enemy begins feeling the way she does. if i'm angry, i want you to be angry too otherwise there's no use arguing with you and you'll hurt my pride really bad then i'll hate you even more that i'll continue provoking you or even start plotting for your death with or without you knowing it. HAHAHA

we hate being ignored. we hate the feeling victims because all they display is fake goodness and pacuteness and fucking tears. it's true that i believe everyone has a good side, but i'm not interested in that cos it's a default disposition. we were always told to be good and behave when we we're young. how do you think a child would act if you told him to be bad instead? haha wala lang. anyway, i'd say, the only time i can gauge a person's personality is when i've seen how he/she is in evil mode.

yeah right.
i feel so evil right now.
i've been playing all day.

according to this scorpio website, we hate being analyzed. true. i hate it when people appear to claim they know me, by getting ahead of my decisions like, "ah, i know you'd act this way because blah"...
 it's okay if it's "i know you'll like this cos it's red so i'll buy you this" haha or something like
"i got you this instead cos i know you hate spicy food" that's okay...

but when it gets, "you won't do that. you're not that kind of person..." oh really? just how well do you know me? basically, i hate it when people think i'm too good (uuuugh) because i'm really not. it only adds to the amount of expectations i have to meet. can't you at least let me be evil whenever i WANT to? i'm not a fucking saint. so don't stop me from changing faces once in a while. it's hard to get people who'll listen to both your good and bad sides nowadays. people are soooo dumbstruck with just a single side of you that they'll reject you once they learn something bad. come on, stop fantasizing already. you wouldn't know what's good without evil. aye. aye.

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