Day 2 - Where you'd like to be in 10 years

i'd be 31 by then so hopefully I would be somewhere with...

1) my own car
-a cheap, cost-efficient, low maintenance car i could use to drive around the city and take to the suburbs occasionally. like the hyundai accent? i heard it runs on diesel and is pretty cheap! >:D

2) a stable career
-anywhere in the field of IT or design. with marketing side lines of course! and lots of passive income like stocks and investment.

3) my own family
- husband and kids that i will loooove forever and ever and go to church with >:)

4) and a beautiful house
- with a garden, a sturdy firewall for solo tennis bouts or a basketball ring LOL and an optional plunge pool! >XD 500 sq. meter tops HAHA ambisyosa. kelangan mag-invest sa lupa habang maaga (at meron) pa. mahal magpatayo ng bahay!

i'd be living "the" life if by 31 i've managed to acquire all those (excluding #3 cos you don't really "acquire" it haha more like earned? or uhm blessed with?). it makes me happy just thinking of it! napaka ideal! kaya halina't magdasal! >:D

not really day 2 haha but the goal is to finish with all the 30 thingies so yeah!

hey, i kind of want to try out audio blogging! for the heck of it! script writing is tough and spontaneous speaking is crazy so i ought to try it out somewhere faaaar like tumblr. HAHA didn't wanna spoil yer day with my voice >:) and buhsides, how do you upload audio here at blogger without any 3rd party hosting?

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