Day 7 - Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

i'm scorpio and i grew up knowing it was the best sign ever (read: bias). there's a time in everyone's life when they learn about their signs and its characteristics, and get amazed at how it suits their personality very well, even though at that point (11-12 y/o) i could hardly assume anyone has a concrete idea of his/her personality LOL. i didn't miss that part. when i learned i was scorpio, i got semi-obsessed with scorpio stuff. i got myself a mug, a book mark and gave myself an alias of scorpion_princess04 on yahoo chat. my favorite color was actually taken from my sign. hahaha i was 11-ish, so i believed my mug when it read scorpios are jealous, possessive, loyal and persistent. whenever i felt jealous, i felt like i was living up to my sign so that's a good thing hahahahaha. reading about other signs convinced me more that i'm on the right group because, apparently, none of their listed characteristics apply to me... at least i know that's what i was thinking years ago. but of course, eventually, i learned that the zodiac is bull and that everything was schemingly put together by chinese astrologers major in superstitious psychiatry.... and that if i was introduced to the wrong sign in the first place, i would've felt the same belongingness. i could get a scorpio who's more of a leo or something like that. personality traits aren't something to be generalized by zodiac sign.

but you know, THIS LINK HERE is quite accurate for some odd reason. but i'm sure it doesn't apply to all scorpios. rar bakit kaya. hahaha

BWAHAHA nakakatawa yung ibang signs!!! i was reading on the other signs and checking if it applies to the people i know with that sign. nakakatawa. nakakatawa talaga. wahahaha bakit ganon. HAHAHAHA according to the site, my parents are not romantically compatible but what the heck huh.

hm. Thank you Lord for this day because:

1. sobra sobra ang kinain ko ngayon. dalawang party pinuntahan namin! busooogggg yeheeeyyy! >XD
2. nakahanap ako ng karamay sa mga hinaing ko sa buhay. it's bad, but it felt good. salamat kay Saycee HAHAHA
3. OFFSET KO BUKAS! yess walang pasok! >XD
4. nakakaiyak si Job. literal. >:''( ramdam ko ang pagdurusa nya sa pagsesermon ni pastor. nakakaiyaaaaakkk bakit wala kang movie (or meron ba?)?! Lord, paki gawa nga po ng movie si Job! >X''(
5. nabuo gabi ko dahil kay JM. i mean, si JM na pamangkin ko HAHA ang kyot sobra. sobrang puti, tas dark grey yung mata. ampotek san nagmana yon? kidnapin na yan!
6. sorry for the foul words. >:)

good night! >:D

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