what's up!

here's an update, i've just become officially terribly busy and i can't be any happier. ANO RAW?!

well, it's a default thing. it's always busy at work, but lately i found myself not succumbing to it totally like a, uhhh, i dunno. maybe my load's gotten lighter, that's got to be it. or is this the effect of working out regularly (and still not losing weight)? chossss.

i have a huuuuuge backlog to attend to (what's new!) and they're piling up day after day! i haven't even blogged about Blogapalooza 2014! i'm afraid i'll just skip it altogether, which isn't a good idea if you ask me because i wanted to share a lot about what happened there. hehe plus it's unfair to the products i've sampled from the event hehe

there's also quite a bunch of writing opps sitting pretty in my mailbox. i'm so excited to blog about all of them. haaaay, work is so much easier if you're writing about something you love! <3 how i wish i could dedicate my 9-5 to this. tsk. haha

i knew a day was gonna come when i have to be reminded about my pending illustrating project. Super Labandera is still hanging on for dear life, after being lost in my radar for an awful 8 months. now i only have a few weeks to deliver and oh my gulay, this is going to be a freaking stressful month for me. wooooh! aja! excited parin ako pero andun parin yung guilt na bakit ba kasi ang tamad tamad ko. hay Lord. give me strength! >XD this is for my favorite NGO --- The Storytelling Project, and the advocacy that's closest to my heart, education. bow.

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