moar dreams

it's been a while since i last blogged about my dreams! i hardly remember any of them anymore because the alarms always disrupt them. anyhow!

I. i dreamt that i failed the interview with the starbucks store manager. that's like the last step before getting into barista training. the sm was kindof petite, fair skinned and sorta chinita girl. her hair was long and tied. i think she kinda said that the main office endorsed me too late that she already accepted 2 applicants. there was a small sheet of paper with the 2 names written on it, including their available working hours. i didn't get the names tho. hehe then i was crying and practically begging her to gimme a chance whatever. then my boyfriend came and asked the sm why she's making me cry. apparently, terai who was with me in the store texted him so he came and blah. bwahahahaha weird.

II. this was only awhile ago. but i already forgot most of it! >XO what i do remember is my school mate, olibs, ushering me somewhere to talk or something. cos i think she's consoling me about something bad that happened. something that led to so many people hating me or something. hehe puro something hahahaha. she was like, 'don't think about it too much. i've been hated by so many people too.' then i recalled how she was during highschool and thought, yeah maybe. i don't exactly hate her back then, but we were never close. the place was like holy corridors. or something. okay!!! something something something.

binondo mode! >:D

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