Mucho Mucho Nachos

here's a supercool food stall that sells nachos at a very affordable and FULFILLING price (beats the hell outta Nacho King or even Taco Bell but i'm not one to say cos i don't usually dine at TB hehe). Say hello to MUCHO MUCHO NACHOS! currently at 2 locations, SM Fairview (annex building, in front of timezone) and SM North EDSA (main building, in front of Toby's. 1st floor i guess?).

The menu (from SM north)!

And my favorite, MUCHO WRAP! >:D at 55 pesos this is such a freaking steal! I call it nacho burritos cos it's really nacho burritos. bwahahaha it's like nacho salad on a pita bread. Look how it's done HAHAHAHA

ground beef, lettuce, salsa, nachos, onion, tomatoes, cheese!!!! >XD
the generous ate wrapping my mucho wrap! >:D
with that, i urge you guys to try out MUCHO MUCHO NACHOS! because it's very very very fulfilling and cheap considering the type of menu they offer.

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