busy campaigning

// BWAHAHAHA like i have anything better to do right? see, i've finished designing the tarp, stubs and certificates for the coming dean's list awarding and heeeeey, i didn't have to post it HERE. which makes so much sense and confirms that this blog is really cursed. or something.

// steve jobs just died. rest in peace. my condolences go to everyone who's affected by this. hehe not an apple fan so. yeah. i wonder what microsoft thinks.

// economics. i don't understand why our prof is being too considerate of her students. i mean, i do understand why but i don't get why she's too bothered about it. it's not her fault. and the way i see it, it will never be. definitely. she's too kind! if only everyone would study! hehe anyway it's something to be thankful for. where would you find someone who'd let you retake the same exam just to let you pass? sucks that my score didn't change. lol. crap.

// i feel guilty with my campaign strategy #24312. the one where i say hi or hello first to the person, and if he/she replies, i paste the link asap. assuming that they have no reason to ignore my message. but then, i don't really want to get into a conversation so it's guilt-tripping when people actually ask me how i'm doing and all. haha. sorry. manager mode. >XO

// err. sjadjkjhkdf. i really want to get into multimedia arts someday.

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