truly. madly. deeply.

namiss ko mag-blog for real! there are days when i would backtrack and read all my previous entries from years back and realize how much i've changed! back then, i used to blog everyday, exceedingly and with horrible detail, of how my day went. but now it's all about, err, i dunno condensed thoughts. maybe i'm just not at home most of the time that i fail to blog about stuff immediately. hehehe

i'm gonna post a birthday/christmas wishlist soon, so watch out. as if e no. bwahaha

// finally! saycee and i are going to start our OJT this wednesday at napocor. i call it napocor cos it's more popular but we're actually working under NGCP which is short for national grid corporation of the philippines. unfortunately though, chances are slim that we'll finish 200 hours before the trimester ends, or at least before mam samson submits our final practicum grades. which means that i'll possibly only have 12 units credited this term. consequently leading to my name dropping off the dean's list. argh. yeah. that's my biggest concern about this bullcrap. that's (well, assuming i'm still in the list by next tri) one certificate less. >:|

// nummeth midterms. major major crap! honestly, the items weren't so perplexing! but they aaaall require a painstaking amount of paper!!! it's so easy to get lost cos the solutions are so freaking long and tedious. we sat there for 4 hours with our necks bent down, our spines arched uncomfortably, and our brains bleeding and begging for the 11 torturous items to quit making us sick to the bones. to no avail! it was freakinnnn hardddd. Lord. huhuhu

// by the way! the above lines was supposed to be for last friday... but i kinda left it hanging with so many things butting off in the middle of my writing. hahahaha

// yesterday. i spent the entire day with my boyfriend's family! >XD came to their church, had lunch, met a "few" of his relatives (few pdaw un eh haha), and played badminton at night. kapagod! saya! hahahaha i'm learning badminton! yeaahh HAHAHA i thank God a lot because everyday he assures me that i'm with the right man! i love you jeckie chan! >XD

// and now. i think i have a lot of photoshopping to do. haay pero err... nuod muna ko vampire knight! bwahahaha tagal tagal na di ko parin to tapos! >XO


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