OMGEE first monthsary!

yey i believe this is the first time i'm gonna talk about my boyfriend for real! who would've thought i'd finally have a boyfriend! hahaha i thought i'd be one of those NBSB for life girls, forever frustrated and never noticed by the opposite sex. but owell, yehey yehey!

this was such a cool cool day! >XD after the ADEPT training, we went to church and spent the rest (well a few hours) of the night at RnB (Read n Brew) cafe near my place. 

first boyfriend!
first devotion together! 
tall mocha frappe for Php 70  >:)
super tall banana smoothie for Php 60

blueberry cheesecake for Php 55

ribs. Php 115. basta ribs yan. >:P

jec's gift! >XD photoshopped 23 peso bill! ♥ ♥ 
my gift! half long bong doodle >XD 
my jeckie chan! ♥

it feels great to be in love.
like srlsy! >XD
thank you Lord! >XD

thank you so much for making this day super duper special! yehey! >XD i love you jericho chanco dave! >XD

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