draft from 10/04/2011

one of the rare days this trimester that i get home early and not plop myself on the bed immediately. i'm not sure what exactly i'm doing for the last few days (aside from manning the table at 302 for shirt orders) that i always end up really tired when i get home. i feel uhm, greatly unaccomplished! still no OJT! no remarkable progress on the field trip! no money to pay for org shirts! then my parents are becoming extra strict now that i have a boyfriend hahaha! then yknow it's so uncool how i'm so broke and back to being a major bum. even if i was earning so little back then, i'm proud because it gave me the independence i needed to decide on my own and buy the things i want, because it's my money! but right now i'm just argh like, okaaay never mind not having a usb for a while cos that's like 400 bucks. never mind not smelling of white musk for a while, cos that's 800something on a regular day. never mind the samsung earphones, i dunno how much they cost but it's definitely not within budget. never mind checking out for walking flats or clothes, i'm not in an urgent wardrobe update (never am) anyway. you see, the income effect in economics is so friggin true. your income is proportional to your expenses. you earn bigger, you spend bigger. you earn less, you spend less. now it's about cutting off on the luxes, the things i know i can live without for awhile (but will definitely get back to once i get some decent cash flow). >:D hahaha and since i don't want to exaggerate more on my self-proclaimed poverty, i'll see it as a way to, errr, kindof loosen my grip on material longings. LOL and as if. >:P and it's not like i'm being bitch poor. hahahaha

anyway. most of my money is going to food. i've been eating recklessly since the trimester started, a kindof just retribution for the amount of appetite i lost last tri for stressing myself voluntarily. blah.

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