nummeth ruined my day. freakin quiz. careless mistakes and more whatnots. how do i get back on this? 2 remaining quizzes and the rest are freakin exams. i need to get my studying mojo back. i never study at home, and quizzes have a habit of surprising us and leaving us point blank dumbshickz. arg. i have no one else to blame but myself and my assumed poverty hahahaha.

i'm busy with another internet promo! this time, FREE CHOCOLATES my golly! i have 5 bars now! how big is 35grams of snickers? hmm... dear Lord. THANK YOU! >:D i am soooo excited like rebecca black on friday. you guys have no idea how i'm trying so hard not to sound like a spammer whenever i ask people to click on my wall ads or like some page and blah. i'm trying. thank you! and i will never scam you! >:D you mark my word on that. hahahahaha joke.

i'm not sure if it's still the menstrual syndrome kicking in or just the mere thought of free chocolates excites me like crazy. i dunno. just. don't ignore my invites LOL. it's for a good cause. it's for my chocolates. my snickers. not exactly my favorite chocs but it's FREE so yeah. >:)

binondo mode! >:D plus maybe if i start noticing these two fitness balls (aero and volley) beside me, i'd start burning some fats while watching. hahaha


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