this day i lost 400+ worth of money. for the nth time grabe. i dunno what's up with me, why do i always lose cash? >XO i was a tad too depressed about it cos i couldn't imagine how much money i've lost this year because of carelessness! or maybe the world has just gotten eviler. >:| more to depression is pain, cos early this morning, i realized i'm in yet another of my monthly bloody craps. >XO haha moody mode hitting soon. i guess. >:) i've warned my boyfriend already hahaha >:D

i wonder what good is in store for me from this loss. not that i'm expecting but the thought of a just payback is pretty encouraging. 400 is a lot of money for me. it's what's left of my allowance and now i'm broke for the entire week! sucks to be jobless! >XO

hay Lord!
because of that, here goes my 21'st birthday/2011 christmas WISHLIST! >XD

1. white musk cologne/perfume from The Body Shop

2. red mesh hard case for samsung wave 525

3. microSD reader from CD-R King

4. corpo shoes! black pointed kitten heels for OJT and the occasional job interviews >:)

5. vouchers! gift checks! from useful stores like national bookstore, sm dep't store, sm supermarket. yeah >:D

6. wine and dine lipstick from avon

7. simply pretty face powder refill (natural) from avon


9. DONATE on my Paypal using the donate button i put above! >:D

10. medium wacom intuos tablet! (or bamboo fun okay lang!) >XD

Orayt. just that, for now. >:D


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