ateneo ichange youth leadership and social entrepreneurship training seminar >:D

draft: november 8, 2011

this day was cool. the ateneo school of government came to us to train youth leaders in becoming social entrepreneurs. it's funny how we were introduced in such a flattering manner, cream of the crop and best of the best? i nearly choked on it. come on.

the topic was great! for a while i actually thought about creating my own social enterprise instead of just being a plain profit oriented business person. the thought of earning lots of money alongside alleviating a pressing social issue sounds like a perfect cause. a great philanthropic move. if i weren't so selfish then sure. but i don't think i'm up to helping that much. yeah right. ang bait ko kasi. >:P

the best part was probably the FOOD. am and pm snacks plus buffet lunch... as in with tables set up cordially at the canteen. wow. i could feel that the admu school gov really believe in investing on the youth. and being someone who's more selfish than charitable, i feel guilty having to be spent on something i may not consider doing in ten years.

BUT WAIT. this isn't to say i didn't learn anything. the lecture was eeeeevery bit inspiring, promise! but when i go out, i realize i had to help myself first. ALOT. LOL. can't do anything without money, srsly. and i think, stuff like these are initiated by upperclass citizens who have so much time and money to spare. but of course, being part of it is sooo easy. it doesn't mean you have to be the capitalist. just getting involved is a good enough move e diba?

err. yeah

draft: november 9, 2011

the seminar-workshop has ended! we were tasked to create our own social enterprise by group and present it in front of the trainees who served as our panelists along with mam sison and mam ruiz. naiinis ako sa sarili ko cos all the while i had very little faith in our group. sa loob loob ko, huhu Lord, tinatamad ako magisip. >:( then after we've put together our drafts in a powerpoint presentation, sa loob loob ko... k bahala na. i could only wish at least one group is worse. lol

we came up with a social enterprise called SOSY, which stands for Striving Out-of-School-Youth. a for profit organization which blah blah blah blah blah. it's too long, but i think it's pretty decent to share naman! i'll get back with the details when i get the slides. hehehe

but waaait, our presentation was okay! and i had to thank the panelists for being so kind. nakakatuwa cos they always find something good to say about every presentation. i admire them so much because they seem to be individuals trained to see through the efforts of people around them and appreciate it with great fervor. they were warm and friendly and accommodating and blaaaaaahh. i was impressed. i suddenly want to become someone who sees everything in a positive light! then i thought maybe only those with highly philanthropic mindsets could be like that tas yun, ewan. feeling ko kasi hindi ako ganon ka-generous and humanitarian. haha

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