hey blog, i miss you! >XD

such a tiring, tiring, tiring BUT rewarding week! >XD Thank you Looooord! >XD
my midterms were okay! but comparing it to my previous midterms, it's kinda errrr. >:\ i'm usually more serious with midterms so i could slack off during the finals period but right now, what the heck. i may have to double my effort starting today to optimize my grades loool. such a freakin freakin annoying uber grade-conscious girl no? edi sorry! >:P i have dreams. big dreams. >:)

i lost 400 yeah. and i think i mentioned that i'm not worrying about it too much because i was kindof expecting a just payback for it HAHAHAHA lakas mag-expect but oh well! can i just call it faith? since that fretful day,
i've been too expectant that everything that happens onwards must be GOOD because i deserve just retribution for losing my allowance! and i realized that... magandang habit pala yun! hahaha tamang optimism lang. by doing so, i kind of considered everything a blessing! from my exams, to my OJT, to my classes, to ICON, and whew! to this great opportunity that was offered to me just recently.

wow Lord. i can feel your blessings pouring in! November 19 is marked.

thank you so much Lord.


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