freaking allergy is freaking me out

AdMU, FEU work together for social entrepreneurship by Ginny Villa-Real
oh look, we're on the newspaper! >:D
that's from this day's (as of writing that's November 27, 2011) issue of Manila Bulletin. >XD
i'm 3rd from left! >XD

every time i'm faced with this huge empty white block, i suddenly don't know what to write about. so many things has happened! and i always miss to blog about it. hahaha

haynaaako i want my good 'ol stressed body back! for one thing, it's thinner.
i also want my good 'ol healthy immune system back. my allergy is driving me crazy.

7 consecutive wheezes, an OJT homework that's of 0% progress, and well.. me eating junk every day!!! stuff i'm addicted with as of this period:

- breaded chicken neck (street food from outside FCM)
- kuya's lumpiang sariwa
- crepe galore's mango crepe because it's cheap and they have the best whipped cream
- el bonito's pepperoni pizza
- lugaw atbp's plain lugaw with egg. 20 pesos lang grabe the best lugaw i've ever tried! weekends and holidays on qc memorial circle >:D

whew. i am sooo freakin hungry right now.


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