weird. i dunno. i can't stop thinking. can't quit with the drama! >:\ e naman eh, i know it's wrong but that's how my mind works! i'm a mental masochist. pseudo realist. deviant conformist. weh.

hindi ko na rin trip magkwento dito tinatamad na ko. but i still want to write. i pretty much became more conscious nga lang cos uhm, not that anyone's actually reading, pero yun nga. in relation to one of my previous entries (or was that a draft?), i missed blogging candidly. HAHAHA

november 19 was probably the greatest part of last week. i enjoyed it more than my birthday srsly, and i didn't mean to sound so ungrateful at that but yeah. the birthday anticipation fades every year hahaha i know, it's part of the ageing process. ugh.

so 19 was Youth Hours 2011 day. it was an event organized by The Outstanding Students of the Philippines NCR Chapter (TOSP NCR). it was freakin cool, intimidating and inspiring at the same time. i thank the school so much for giving me opportunities like this. for the 2nd time (first was the 12th IYD) i was in a hall of noteworthy people. student leaders, honor students and highly philanthropic youth. how the hell am i gonna fare at that? so far, it was the best seminar workshop i've attended. all the speakers were effective. the TOSP alumni were in all ways outstanding. grabe lang. and people around me are all friggin impressive. whew.


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