The "Feeler" Quotient: A Social Experiment

what if i tell my friend A, that her friend B has a huge crush on her, when in fact he doesn't (and i have to make sure!!!)? i want to observe how A will react. will she be conscious of her actions? will she avoid B? will she flirt? 

i want to know what goes on in people's head, what silly assumptions they create, when they are presented with a notion that flatters their ego. it's funny and embarrassing if the truth leaks out but i am curious as to what heights people feed their ballooning heads with self-assuring junk. 

which is why the experiment has to be conducted within my circle of friends (the risk is there but. haha idea lang naman!). i have to be my friend A's confidante. she has to tell me what she thinks about B, and his "huge crush on her" looool. will she start noticing B? will she bask in the imaginary attention B is giving her? will she develop feelings for B too? will she recall all the moments she has spent with B, and analyze everything as if there was a hint in it? i bet most girls would. HAHA

wala lang bakit ba.
naiinis ako e. andaming feelingera sa mundo!
sus porket ganto, porket ganyan??? haneeeeeepppp e kung ginanyan ka lang pala e feeling mo crush ka na, ano pa kaya saken?! wusowssss

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