Day 2: 10 likes and dislikes

oh well this is too late!

to make things different... or just so i won't sound like a self-obsessed girl dropping off yet another list of likes in case any of you want to give me gifts bwahehe

i'll be listing my ... 10 favorite YOUTUBERS (i do LIKE them after all) cos i've been hangin around there a lot, lately. or ever since i upgraded from dial up bwahaha

in no particular order.

1. SUNGHA JUNG - he plays the guitar like heaven! i made an entire playlist of him in my player. take note that ripping off videos from youtube and converting em to mp3 is a tedious task for me (aside from being illegal), but that's how much i love his music. >:D

2. KAILE GOH - supercrush! she's so hot and talented! ♥ not really a fan of the songs she covers but i watch her because i love looking at her! hahahaha sorinaman nakakatibo seryoso amp

3. MADDIE JANE - here's a very very promising kid with amazing voice! check out her covers, specially Price Tag and Jar of Hearts. >:D

4. DAVE DAYS - waaaahh supercrush! when i first saw him on DigiTour's promo vid, i was like WAAAAAHHH NERD MATERIAL ALERT ♥♥♥ but no, i kindof got disappointed that he's too cool. WAAY TOO COOL that he can't be a nerd. but i guess he's weird enough. ohwell. check out his cover-slash-parody of Rocketeer. only thing i don't like about him: he worships Miley Cyrus. it breaks my heart. argh. hey, HE'S LEFT-HANDED! >XD

5. LUAN LEGACY - this bitch talks real! HAHA you might find his uber fast talking annoying but his messages are exactly how i feel at times, check: you are not that important haha and also you don't need a boyfriend to feel good HAHAHA oh and THIS: don't ask for advice if you won't listen dang right.

6. KURT HUGO SCHNEIDER - just go check him out! he's one hell of a producer/filmmaker/musician everythiiing! >:)
7. SAM TSUI - he works with #6 and his covers are on Kurt's youtube page. >:D my favorite from him is his just a dream cover with christina grimmie, which brings me to

8. CHRISTINA GRIMMIE - one of my favorite singers! her voice is amazing. HAHA notice the amount of text decreases as i'm being lazy again hahaha.

9. ANDY DORFMAN - because i like her style and music >:) i want to learn this kind of production. and this one, it's a bit eccentric but i like it! >>> Beautiful

10. MARIA ARAGON - because she's so cute! haha

and now, for my 10 dislikes.
ehhhh, i'm not gonna pretend to be nice here BY NOT POSTING my 10 dislikes. i could go on for days if you want but by virtue of being lazy, i'll drop the 10 loathes off! i hate being reminded of what i hate anyway, ruins my day. haha

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