before i continue watching My Princess

things to thank God for this day:

1. i colored my hair. more like i asked daddy to. HAHA lechon, ayoko ng kulay pero sayang 150! HAHAHA i told mark to buy me one worth 15 but when he came here, naddaaaaaaa! orayt. napamahal tuloy. che. anyhow. it's still something to be thankful for!

2. i'm finally getting over not being hired at school this summer. i only felt bad about it because my boss already told me that we're working on 25 even before finals week started! she's like reserving our vacation month ardy for some major lab revamp, so i blocked it! but then i haven't received a confirmation message from her or from the HR (who's supposed to be the ultimate confirmatory person) so i guess it's a dull case... my other colleague got hired so that makes me more bitter. paasa. yun. masakit cos i've been expecting this all summer. if i had known sooner then i should've spent the finals week job hunting! or had my boss not told me that i'm working on 25 when in fact, it's not her decision who works this summer... then i wouldn't be this bitter.

actually hindi naman talaga ako sure pero ayun lang, the lack of confirmation says it all.

3. i did my resume and i was quite pleased. hello bragging rights! they've multiplied over the months LOL though i dunno what chances i have. the world is a scary place full of scary competitors lol

4. i had chocolate!

5. and spaghetti! >XD

6. and i'm flipping over My Princess. >XD

thank you Lord!

i figured that even though generally this day was crap (because of some piss off at facebook), if i make a daily list of things to be thankful for then it lightens my mood and it feels like calling this day crap is such an overstatement. there's so much things to be thankful for each day. super. and i wish to continue this everrrryyyday of my blogging life para masaya ako lagi. hehehe

there is not really a bad day ykknow. it's just that yesterday was better than today, but doesn't make it bad at all. it's all a matter of perspective. hokey. every body let's be happy! >XD

take note! by being happy i'm not refraining myself from posting crap about people! osabagay, being happy is different from being nice! hoho

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