HERBALIFE Herbal Concentrate (green tea)

seriously. this tea kicked me awake for 24 hours straight that i had to force myself to sleep when i realized that i haven't slept in a day.

i like it best with sugar! it's pretty much like a hot version of nestea iced tea. saraaaaappp!

thank you list:

1. finished watching My Princess! feel good series yeahhhhh and i find myself idealizing men too much... once more! you know what, i always tell myself not to rush into things specially in relationships (and even if i tried i know i'll end up cowering on a corner. e wala e, it runs in the genes yata). i try to remind myself that while i'm busying myself at school, God is also busying Himself screening guys for me HOHOHO. o at least someone with higher standards is doing to the selecting for me! >:D haha oyan na! consuelo! kaya naman Lord, bigyan nyo ko ng katapat ko/higit sakin ah?! nagpapakahirap ako magpaka-talino dito! hehehe

2. i smell hope. honestly, i still feel bitter. suuuuper bitter that i wasn't notified if i could start working on monday. owell. then i talked to sir kim and he said, he'll do something about it cos we have a lot of things to do at the lab! >XD Lord. please? i seriously super duper need a job right now.

3. i found Zune sellers in the phils! >XD

4. cooked spaghetti! >:) had chocolate! yehey! >:)

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