anu raw??

what is an idea, in the first place? isn't it as generic as a thought? when people discuss about something as trivial as people or as significant as events, don't they input their ideas into it too? their points of view, their stands? and yet quoting (again and again) eleonor roosevelt, "great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." ???

i love that statement. i really do, but when i was "trying" to dig deeper into it... by evaluating if for the most part my mind was being great, or average, or small... i came to wonder what she meant about the type of ideas great minds discuss. is this when albert einstein talks about the theory of relativity with his colleagues? or when charles darwin convinces people that we evolved from monkeys? how about the church going against the RH bill? aren't those aaaaall ideas? IF, and idea is, yknow, simply a form of thought.

naisip ko lang, correct me if my analogy is flawed:
words are to conversations whereas ideas are to discussions
if so, then going back to the quote. we all have great minds, after all conversations aren't turned into discussions without a propelling notion i.e. an idea.

pero joke lang yan. of course i still totally agree to e.roosevelt haha

things to be thankful for on this day:

1. walang nangyaring masama. or relatively masama. HAHA
2. hmm. mahaba tulog ko.
3. kinikilig ako sa My Princess!
4. nakapag-bike ako kahit 20 minutes lang kasi biglang umulan

thank you Lord.

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