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andame. andame dame kong hindi kayang sabihin na dito ko lang nailalabas.bow.right now i'm semi pissed.

>> there are really people out there who enjoy being cute. which is a clever disguise to flirting. and obviously they're in denial because they want to convince themselves that they're just being fucking cute and nothing else.
>> and  there are also people who exaggerate every small connection they have with every likeable guy out there just so it would seem like they got to them first.
>> and then there are also people who pretend they don't care about (much more, abhor) all the attention (which is mostly virtual) given to them, when in fact, they marvel over it in their dreams.
>> and there are also people whose boastfulness shows more when they try to be humble.

then i feel guilty. for fooling myself and for fooling people into thinking that i'm their good friend. it feels unfair that you notice all the bad things about people who aren't aware of it themselves! it's like, they're supposed to be the bad ones but you end up being the villain because you were the one assuming all the bad things they presumably have. it's frustrating. and you can't just point out how awful their character is at one point... because it's like telling them to change their entire being. what can you do if they were born that way?

i'm confused too. but i'm not dropping the bomb because i have come to care about this friendship so much somehow. and i don't want it to break apart with silly girl issues. after all, diba nga, everyone has a good side. okay sige.

pati sarili ko niloloko ko na.
pero keri naman. mahirap lang talaga makisama pero magagawan naman ng paraan.pwede namang pumaslang BWAHAHA

hmm. then i realized, sus. pare pareho lang naman kaming mga babae. panay insecure.

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