Ken Out Source Free Job: Scam or what? PART 2

in response to my previous entry about it

after 4 days of spamming my online facebook friends with this link, I'VE FINALLY REACHED $100. well, virtually, that is. now i don't know if they're ever gonna forward that amount to my paypal or not, but for now all i have to do is wait .one of my friends said i have to wait til next month cos they only send payments once a month and i was too late for the march 2011 cutoff. she also mentioned that one of her friends got paid. oh well, HOW TRUE IS THIS?

i dunno if they auto-include users in their payroll but after reaching $100, there seems to be nothing i have to do next. 
a very helpful FAQ page
so let's wait till uhm, early may if this crap is true. if it's not, oh well, there's nothing quite big to lose in here... first, i didn't pay anything... i just had to market the link they gave me by asking my friends to click. so there... we'll see we'll see. >:)

yeah yeah i know i could be banking on scam, which is why i did my best to reach $100 so i could prove if they really pay stuff and shiz. >:)

i've never read a review on this type of job offer Ken Out Source offers so, hmm, we'll seeeeee okay? i'll get back on this in a month or so! >:)

UPDATE: Ken Out Source Free Job: Scam or What? THE FINAL VERDICT

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