it's been almost a week since i last wrote here! i think i'm finally getting over the 'blogging hype' HAHA 6 years to recede BWAHAHA

by the way, i was able to sleep for 12 straight hours last night and it was awesome! no headaches after i woke up! >XD probably because i've gone 48 hours awake last thursday and friday HAHA wanna know why?!

JM! JM! you know how we never really talk like taaaalk unless he's asking me for a favor or whatever. hokeeeyy but seriously, when he called last friday asking me for a super duper large favor, which cost me to sacrifice my scheduled 4 hour remaining sleep time AND lunch with my friends for the last time this tri which i seriously regret (gusto ko talaga magjollibeeee kaso. huhu), i was like...

how can he just call me like that and ask me such a thing? i mean even if he promised to pay, it was asked on a jiffy! i was in the middle of debugging an asshole of a project, and he enters in dumping more load on me like i haven't had enough to bear for day. why?! why me?!

i have every reason to decline the job
first is, as i've mentioned. i have a project to finish
second, they called me pretty late that night and told me the job(which consists of a project, hw and activity for FOUR PEOPLE) is needed the next day at 1 or 2pm.
third, I HAVEN'T SLEPT BITCHESSSS. do you really want to kill me?!?!

but in the end i said, YES
then i realized, why me?! of all people why me?! there are so many others out there who are relatively unoccupied and wants money and can do basic html and crap so why the heck?!
then i went into quite an emotional turmoil, that maybe he thinks i'm stil soooo friggin head over heels for him that i'll do anything he asks! i felt like i was taken for granted again and blaaaahhhh

yes, i still like him cos he's really nice and good looking but that's all. it's definitely superficial. he's not even the man of my dreams. it's good that we became friends cos i was able to get a psych profile of him. if i didn't then i would be voodooing him seriously haha it's just hard to get over him with all the teasing and stuff. it's easier when no one knows. ugh whatever.

o, so yun nga. pero ok lang. i was ranting about it on twitter. and i've been twirling my hair for 2 days ever since i started on the thingy., it's a mannerism i've developed when i was in LB, and now that my hair is longer it kinda resurfaced haha. it's not really a stress manifestation but it's kinda turning into one. e wala lang, it's fun twirling hair bwahaha.

anyway, they paid naman. larger than i expected pa nga e, and he bought me food blah blah blah. ok naman! thank you Lord! >:D

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