Yahoo Purple Hunt 2.0

Hi. So i entered the game and can't get the YM keyword, that's the friggin first box. i already added ypurplemaster and he has given his default first message which contains some instructions. it says there to type in "help keyword" and other bunch of crap and blah. thing is, HE DOESN'T REPLY. or am i doing something wrong? like, where should i enter that so-called "help" keyword? should i send it to him via chat? ugh. i feel so stupid haha

i was wondering if the keywords are the same for everyone, or does each player get a unique keyword like yeah? idunno. heck. if you're kind of

i wish they'll be doing ayala mall tours soon and be offering purple hunt shirts and freebies like before cos i soo want that! >:D

anyway. HELP! >:D

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