Day 1: Write some basic things about yourself

basic and obvious
1. i love visual arts: drawing, doodling, web designing, staring into art galleries at SM megamall
2. i love coffee: specifically pioir 3-in-1 organic coffee >:D
3. i have small hands, short fingers and i bite my nails so they're really ugly haha

i'm not sure what basic means haha
hey i have news!

oh, would you believe i have a boyfriend? i don't. anyway, I DO. as of writing i'm in a relationship with a friend i've known for 2 years. we've been together since, hmm, since i switched to sun. LOOOOOOL we tried to keep it down for a while but realized a bit of publicity won't hurt so we decided to spill it NOW cos we know most people won't buy it. we've talked about it and we're cool about sounding like pranksters, building a commotion in the name of April Fools' Day. we don't want a buildup of serious onlookers anyway, so we don't mind a few friends thinking we're only fooling around. hehe srsly.

btw, lemme greet you again.
Happy April Fool's Day
can't put anymore emphasis on that >;)

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