Ken Out Source Free Job: Scam or what?

i'm 80% convinced it's scam, but i still want to know for sure. the bad reviews i got from the net are from users who PAID a registration fee to be able to avail of their job offers, but didn't get paid for the job they offered. what i want to know is, is it the same for the FREE JOB option, which i'm working at right now?

in Ken Out Source (currently, i hear they change names every once in a while LOL), there two types of jobs you can do: paid and free. in PAID, you pick a job offer, pay a registration fee, and begin working, then you get paid based on your work output. the jobs are basically data entry (form filling, surveys, copy paste etc.). in FREE, you register for a payroll account, find your unique standard linking code and have as many people click on it. they say it's $0.50 per click (which is freaking big for a pay-per-click job) and that the minimum earnings required for a cash-out is $100.

as of writing, i have already earned $46.50 ever since i started giving away my link 8 hours ago. NOW i want to know if they're really gonna pay me once i reach $100 or they're gonna suddenly ban me before i can cash out for several fabricated reasons such as illegal clicks and use of bots. I'M NOT SURE AND I'M NOT COUNTING ON IT, cos yknow how it goes with easy-money job formats.

i'll update you soon! >:)

haha i never learn, do i? hahaha

but we'll see! the more clicks i get, the sooner i'll know if it's really true! so help me verify this thing by clicking on the link below, as if not finding a single good comment from google isn't enough, HAHAHA

click on this link and help me find out! there's nothing to lose! just click on it, no signups required! >:) it would mean a lot to me!

either i'll have something to warn you about, or i'll get you guys as my referals. hehe >;)


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