the power of words

last night i told my dad not to come to school this morning cos i wanna sleep more, and he agreed! so i put off my alarm clock and slept peacefully without worrying about the pesky snooze! e kaso when i woke up, daddy changed his mind eh i was so groggy and lazy so i told him i'm not coming to class, and if anyone was curious why, just tell them i'm sick. and he did! i received 'get well soon' messages from my friends and well, natawa lang ako. and somehow, i felt sick. i dunno if it's about the messages that implies i'm sick or about a little lie that's becoming true but either way, i felt eerily sick! it suddenly became to cold for comfort and the bed became more inviting than ever. hallerrrr. sino kayang makapangyarihan?

hay Lord. i just lost 1k. san na ba napunta yun? hindi pa naman sakin yun nakakasar lang eh. buti na lang me pamalit ako. or baka naman wala talaga sakin in the first place? arg stress. pera. stress. grrr

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