wth is happening to the world

sure the plates have been moving all along as it has for the past billion years but argh it's too depressing that it has to move that freaking much and hit japan so badly. i'm moved to tears at what my tumblr friends has flooded me with on their dashboards and it sucks because for japan, it's just the first wave. earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown threat, tons of casualties, blaaaah! so much tragedy has occurred and we aren't even past the first quarter of the year. how bad is this still going to get? Looooord.

on another note. the school website put off the hits column on the list of latest news! why! i was watching how many visitors came to my "speech" page. hey, it was leading! haha maybe they should update the permalink too, it's weird. >:O

on yet another note. hate talk tayo.

i've improved! when i was in highschool, my blog has a category called hate-list where i blind-item despicable classmates and entities from school. anyway, checking these so called entries now i don't even remember who they were, or what they've done and i could only laugh at how foully i've reacted to their hmm, "presence" haha.

ewan. i think i'm not the kind of person to hold grudges or whatever. i tend to forget over time bwahaha depending on the type of attachment i have. most of the people i hate are hated universally bwahaha therefore the guilt of wrongfully channeling my wrath is divided into multitudes! bwahahaha

more so, i firmly believe that everyone has a good side. and as i've mentioned before, it depends on which angle you're seeing the person from. there are people who have larger bad sides that when faced upfront look like walls, when it fact it's just a single side of their whole being. either you move it to one angle, or you walk to that place. choice is yours, or ours, or mine. bwaha

i realized calling people flirts is bad, no matter how perfectly it describes them and no matter how no other adjective could compare hehehe everything people display is a part of their nature, and being a flirt could well be a consequence some genetic experiment their parents did way back. on the ride home i did some quick psychoanalysis on why people are the way they are how much understanding must i allot per friend. and it was soooo cool. i realized that the only flirts i hate are those who snake into my crushes' lairs. otherwise, i couldn't care less. i could always look on the brighter side! it's not like a social misunderstanding could ruin a good friendship! hallerrr so not worth it.

then again. there are two (pwedeng 3) types of friends (or pwede ring lovers, but i prefer classifying this under friend types)

1. accepters
2. changers
3. both

need i say more? most of the time they're both but you know, more than being a list it could also be a process. BUT there are times when you just need 1 and not 2, and sometimes just 2 and not 1, even when a person can be both. HAHA gets nyo? anlabo yata lolz

personally, i'm more of #1... depends on how much i care for the person. and so far, the only people i could be #2 with is my immediate family specially terai and daddy haha. it's hard to be #2 with your friends cos there's the risk of being misunderstood. and no matter how much that change is geared towards the common good, it's hard to remove your personal interest with it. like, you're only changing the person to suit your taste. isn't that selfish? so yknow, before trying to alter someone's lifestyle or nature, be sure you're in the right position and that you're doing it selflessly, and finally... that you'll stick around even after the change, even after the change has gone bad.

yun lang! it's quite a bother hating people for something you know won't change.

LOL case in point goooone. wth am i trying to say again? haha

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