bloody crap

do you know how hard it is for me to write an article? first of all, it's not like blogging where i can spontaneously dump ideas and not give a crap. i have to research, sit down for hours, get a point and mind map. i also can't write without a dictionary software and internet. writing is sooo damn hard and time consuming for me, and i wanna know how it goes to other people. how fast can you write? say, 500 words about hair loss solutions? how fast can you paraphrase? lol i feel so inferior in this field. i mean, ever since they learned i can write... they gave me a load of things to write about. argh e wala lang, just ranting! writing is extreme mental labor for me and i don't think i can ever get used to it. but did you know that i wanted to become a writer before? i also wanted to be a broadcast journalist! a news anchor! a voice actor! ok, enough about my frustrations.

me narealize ako, my forte is in the arts (for once i'll try sounding all confident about this) but because i'm not pursuing it, it becomes a frustration. you don't want your forte to become a frustration just because you're academically constraint. but that's what's happening eh so for now i'll enjoy this frustration. someday i'll work on it haha.

but for now, RESEARCH MOWDDD.

kelangan lang talaga maging understanding para maiwasan ang pagiging judgmental. minsan gusto kong mag AB psychology eh para mas marationalize ko tong mga ganitong bagay kaso naisip ko, mas maganda yung ikaw mismo ang nakakabatid ng mga bagay bagay without theory. hehe masaya sya. >:D hohoho

madami pang kelangan ayusin but at least we're inching closer it. >:)

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