hindi ako si darna

the entire world is convinced that the end of the world is near and that the earth is bound to be destroyed completely by fire. so the world leaders invested everything within monetary value to construct a space ship that will house all 6 billion (and more) people in the world and transport them to a confirmed habitable area at planet Mars.

however, the truth behind this space ship is that it cannot hold the entire human populace. everyone has been tricked into thinking that they are safe as long as they're inside the ship, the people behind this deception thought it was the best thing to keep the people in peace and avoid any operational hindrances. But once the aerial vessel takes off, sections of the ship will disengage according to script, leaving billions of people behind. as planned, it has to look like an accident, an unforeseen mechanical glitch that resulted to abandoning half (or even more) of the world in order to save the human race.

//end plot
because i'm feeling sad just thinking about it

okay. actually, if it has to be movie material, i'd pick a random retired (or fired) aeronautics engineer who accidentally finds out the blueprint of the ship and debates whether it's safe for take off (considering the humongous weight). LOL it could be a matter of common sense but yknow, it's the end of world and it's the only ship that could take ye to mars haha. so mr. random engr tries to get his family off the to-be-abandoned part of the ship and gets into an expected moral dilemma. "authorities" found out and tried to buy him into keeping the secret in exchange for his and his families safety but hmm, could he really?

// eeeeennd!
cos i dunno how to make a happy ending for this haha

hindi ako si darna.

i'm sorry. nag-guilty ako but i also need time to recharge! i know you need someone to talk to BUT i'm simply TOO BUSY. at alam ko na pag sinagot ko ang tawag mo:

  • isang oras tayong mag-uusap. ma-eexpose tayo pareho sa harmful radiation LOL
  • mapapa-mcdo ako ng wala sa oras. pamasahe + food = bankruptcy
  • i'll feel useless in the end cos i'm not capable of giving sound advices. not an issue, i know, cos sometimes people just need company but...

it's not that i don't wanna hear you out, i wanted to talk to you too kaso i can't afford it right now. i mean, why do you have to cry every time you call me. more than being flattered i feel extremely guilt tripped.


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