terai was reading her horoscope and it was bad. she was in her room, and i was there doing some ironing. she looked desperate and frustrated and was in the verge of violently throwing things out of anger. then she calls out to the freakin newspaper... something like "what do i have to do to blah blah blah?!?!??!!!" then there's a freakin voice who responded, "do you really want to know?" in a deep manly voice i could assume was the devil. then it whispered something to terai, something like "SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR MOM AND KILL YOURSELF".

and then terai was freaking heading to mommy and i was like alarmed and crying like crazy so i raced to mommy as well haha parang, "MAAAAAA!!!!" sabay iyak! then idk what happened next basta next thing i know i was chasing terai upstairs and was still crying like baboy cos i freakin don't want her to kill her freaking self, then she went to her room and i was like "NOOOOOOOOOO!!! *don't lock the doooooor*"

well, she didn't. and i was like "HUHUHU TERAI PAGUSAPAN NATIN TOOOOO"
then i woke up sniffing and crying. alam nyo yung mega iyak with matching sinok pa. nakakainissss. kaparanoid lang eh so i texted terai. e wala lang.

okasi diba ansarap syumesta ng hindi nagdadasal. >:\

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