too much bullshit

to what lengths do you have to tell people how terribly you hate someone? does it have to reach 10 people? 20? the whole world? where is the sensitivity? where is the hope for reconciliation? when everyday you involve people who aren't supposed to know in the first place?

you don't do that to friends. you just don't. at least if you want to keep the friendship. if.

now everyday we're faking it. everyday we're troubled. everyday we don't know what to do. who to tell things to. who to trust and who to hang out with. everyday we start over. same lies, same crap.

this friendship is getting worse by the minute.

and seriously, it's hard to just talk to anyone about it because everyone's freakin biased, polluted, untrustworthy. and people just end up agreeing to it. NO ONE WANTS TO HELP. everyone wants to get back at someone. people listen because it's a certified "scoop". the crap gets thicker and thicker.

bat di na lang kasi ayusin?
puro na lang paninira.

EDITED TO ADD: and it's not about who's at fault here. it's not about who started doing shit and whatnot. not because you didn't do anything, means you shouldn't do anything. i mean, everybody does nothing and still gets hated. if you really want to work things out, you'll humble yourself and talk it over. personally.

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