my speech on our school website! >8D

james told me they already posted the thing, and though i had a hard time navigating my way through the website, it's worth the search! here you go! oh holy link!

Be Inspired. Dream High

credits to James for putting up a title, i suck at titles. haha 9 facebook shares. i feel proud. lumelevel amp! haha

ok. this entire night and morning is dedicated to our friggin softeng prowject!
uhm. Lord. why is this happening. i dunno what's worse, my smoking or my ludicrous incapacity to brew some kindof mutual understanding with my crushes. this is crazy but i'm not getting any younger and if by this age i should already have an average of 2 boyfriends, then i must suck so much as a woman! heh i'm 20 and i can't even handle a single conversation. every time i get reminded of how much creativity i lack with responding to potential love lives, i get stumped. this is not to sound desperate but yknow, i'm twennnyyy and i'm clueless on how to deal.

if my responses were to be programmed in a switch, the default is probably the most executed case. in which i state

default = no reaction
to the point that it gets misinterpreted as utter non-interest... which can't be helped! argh

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