for the lack of things to say.

the internet has turned kids into garish attention trolls, polluting their brains, corrupting their morals, and sowing a false sense of security in their minds. why the hell. >:| i was scrolling through my tumblr dash in hopes of running across an interesting entry (which isn't fandom), and i get this so-tagged TTH post that features a topless picture of that friend of mine. i got curious about what TTH means so i searched it up. next thing i know, the page is loaded with vanity shots of people (Filipinos for the most part) showing off SKIN. girls in their bras, guys in their trunks,  lens flared pacute faces, and for the conservative minority who's riding the bandwagon: just a picture of themselves at (what they think is) their best .

TTH is short for Titillating Thursdays, where everyone is encouraged to post a "titillating" picture of themselves every thursday. purpose please? aside from developing a pornographic domain of attention deficit people? oops sorry, that's probably an overstatement BUT you see, this is senseless. is this some sort of promotion to get more followers? just what kind of followers exactly? argh.

on another note, i've been terribly busy with school lately! >_< there's the blasted SOFTENG revision i have to make before wednesday, the NETWRK2 defense i have to freakin nail tomorrow cos i badly need the exemption, lots of things to hand-write for PROGLAN, and MATHMET! wthell, i have to go through a lot of invisible notes to survive this. argh. and ohyeah, there's the 4THGLAN2 project too!

this is by far, my hardest trimester at school because there's a freakin ton of programming involved! hay! that said, i'm afraid my grades are gonna rocket down this term. i still wanna get a full scholarship but the chances are damn slim. i'd be lucky if i still get into the partial-scholars list. need to work harder! >:(

HAHAHA the mangoes JM gave me last week are still sitting on our fruit platter! still waiting for em to ripe! HAHAHAHAHA no, green mangoes aren't my thing. lol i just accepted them cos i can't leave em rotting at the office. haha

yey! i was kindof financially distressed the past few weeks cos the term is ending and so is my work. and yknow me! i don't really save up! so i was worrying that i won't be able to pay my now 2 friggin monthly bills. thank God cos lately, i was informed that I'LL BE HAVING A SUMMER JOB!!! YEHEEEYYYY!!!! i'll be spending the summer working, and doing stuff at school. i don't care about enjoying summer at all. i'm glad about this "extended" job offer. whew! Lord, sana full time to please!!! >XD i'm really glaaaaadddd cos it proves that God really provides!!!

but honestly speaking, the only thing that excites me about this summer job is the possibility to usher during the graduation LOOOOOL

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