occupational hazards

2 hours to go before i time out! >XD

i woke up pretty late today, and to add up to the panic, i woke up to my boss' text message! she said she'll be late and i that i should attend to the speaker when he arrives. O_O so i got up and brushed my teeth and blah, i was about to take a bath when she texted that the speaker has already arrived and that she's still on the way!!! haha okay, so forget about my morning bath!!!  i sped to the closet and pulled out something to wear. i sneaked out of the house (cos mommy's gonna scold me for skipping breakfast) and head on to school.

crazy haggard morning!

anyway, because of the very few turnout of attendees, they rescheduled the seminar to a later saturday. which means, we'll be having a total of 5 saturdays to offset! >XD hehehe and also because of that, my boss left early. leaving me in the custody of another boss who also left early so i'm down with nothing (or a very few things) to do... like having the food delivered for the AdEPT trainers and uninstalling stuff on the lab. other than that, i'm working on Burger Shop 2 and surfin around. >:)

also, i'm getting hideously fat (exaggeration of course). i've been eating mcdonald's chicken fillet with rice + sundae for four consecutive dinners now.ajksdghasdgsad

i'm also aware that i must work my brain harder this year so i could earn a latin honor at least! it's one thing to be a chemical engineering wreck and a computer science success bwahaha. i want to say goodbye to my social life for a while looool and also my REM life... much to my dismay.

Dreams Dreams!
- i dreamt of Tirso twice! i just forgot about it.

- i also dreamt about chii. in my dream she was guiding me on a mega dark staircase, she was holding my hand if i remember correctly, and we were running up the stairs, onto a supposed to be 'shortcut' that we could use to get out of the building (i dunno what and where).

then we saw a narrow passageway, behind it was a wall with a movie playing on it via projector. it was the shortcut we're looking for. there was an old man sort of guarding-slash-watching the place and he kindof told us 'yes, this is the way' and we went down... and out of the building!

then i saw JM outside, texting. haha yun lang.
actually, the dream was scary. >X(

PS: one day i'm gonna ask terai to go on an ELBI day-out with me! i probably need 1,500 for the entire uhm, memory-lane-trip, but that's (i think) enough for the fare and food.
LOL fudtrip lang naman talaga gusto ko eh...

-Janges cheeseburger and large chocobanana shake
-Bordo's cheeseburger
-Mernel's chocolate cake
-The Original's banana cake
-DTRI ChocoMilk
-IRRI walktrip + canteen

e ang sarap kasi kumain sa elbi. nakakamiss!

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