so it's already our christmas break

the chancellor announced that there will be no classes starting today until the end of the holiday break. of course this doesn't apply to people who have scheduled exams for this week, like me.

i just got back from my microbiology exam and i'll be bumming for the the rest of the day if i don't get something to do... like hang out with kat, watch Full Metal Alchemist or go carolling with my orgmates later. i wish for all of them to happen this day...i'd trade anything just to keep me from turning eating into a hobby.

i also decided to try out BioFit slimming tea after hearing numerous good remarks from my own credible sources. i'll probably buy a box this weekend and go punish myself for the rest of the break. i need to shed off unwanted fats and get in shape, without actually exercizing... i'm just too lazy for that.

for some reason, i can't wait for next year. why? because i wanted to bombard my planner with what-nots already. i even made advanced notes already and relocated my friends' birthdays. want me to greet you? tell me your birthday! hehehe maybe i'm a little too obsessed with wanting to further divirginize my planner (because it's too expensive to be left blank). i'm no good when it comes to minimizing space, i'm a certified maximalist (you can check my devart account for proof).

the food fest will push through tomorrow, according to my classmate. SUCKS BIG TIME!

hey, i'll probably do some major downloading maybe i'll spend it at Boston Cafe. hehehe

here's a list of series i wanna download (in case i forget)
- Heroes
- Gossip Girl
- Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
- blah blah blah SEARCH SEARCH SEARCH
- movies
- asian series.. :)

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