hey! i'm getting frustrated here!

5 days ago, i bought biofit slimming tea... 5 days later, i still feel nothing! as in noooothing adverse in my stomach! i'm not constipated or anything, i still do regular trips to the bathroom. pero noooo... i'm not feeling any stomachache at all! is this good or bad? is this a fraud? a sign of pagiging walang bisa? or baka naman immune na ko e first time ko palang uminom nun. pwede ba yun. i checked the teabag, sabi BIOFITEA. magkaiba ba yun sa BIOFIT TEA? hahaha e sa mercury ko naman yun binili.

e all the reviews i read about it says na pupupu ka tlga and you'll feel like turning the CR into your home. but why is it not working on meeeeee???

lol. maybe i'm immune na nga. after all, my eating habits (at least here at home) always include one or two yucky halamang gamots na i've learned to tolerate over time because of my organic-freak of a mother. i didn't know na ganun ka diverse ang backyard namin to think it's QC soil, it's not supposed to be capable of supporting especially weird plants. should i thank her for that? lol

or should i try a stronger laxative... like yung biguerlai? (bigger lie daw sabi ni yndi! haha panalo)

eh sa gusto ko pumayat eh. T_T;

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