eng'g meet 09 pre-pageant night

probably the highlight of this week (for me). :) i didn't know we were supposed to wear black (i was wearing white).

anyway... i came to ee audi looking like crap, like i have any reason to look otherwise. then there we were, the most populous org in all of CEAT, over-crowding our designated place, cheering like hell, laughing like crazy. it was a very fun event, lots of eye-candies and swoon worthy male candidates. lol XP

AND FCK, I DIDN'T EXPECT HIM TO BE ON THAT STAGE. i always thought he's just all looks and no guts but he totally blew me off. not gonna tell who. but really, i've mentioned him before as a very conceited, self-conscious, always-aware-of-girls-looking-at-him kind of guy. and where else could he best prove that? ON STAGE DAMMIT, how smart. >__<; of course his presence was breathtaking, but part of me didn't want him to be there. more exposure = more fangirls for him. and more fangirls = more, uhh, competitors? lol i'm not really into competing for heartthrobs. you know me as someone who hates sharing her fandoms with other people unless i'm the one who promoted it. lol, and because it's happening again, time to leave. bwahahaha :) ---- aymbrowk.
i realized i have no enough money to buy my parents plus my sister a gift. my mom requested a perfume, my sister wants a UP shirt but i want something more special for her (like a phone! i'm a failure when it comes to saving ;_;), and i've got nothing in mind for my dad yet... and i want to buy a moleskine planner for myself.

i need around 2500 for that. hehehe
sucks not to have money for christmas. T__T;

but heeeey! i think i've got a brilliant plan.


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